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Manhattan Lips2Last 44Q (Tour of the Lipstick Jungle)

Hello my friends:)

Since I fly tomorrow and until Wednesday'm back, now comes another contribution that I was going to write for some time. It is not long, but I really want to tell you my opinion about this product.

It's about the Lips2Last 44Q, lip color and gloss (as maintenance) offers. (Left to care, the right color)

I have the lip gloss used a few times and as you can see, some who stuck by the red color in nursing. In my opinion it looks very ugly.

says the Manhattan
intense lip color that lasts all day. Gleichmäßg thin layer of fat lips and let dry for about 60 seconds. Lips2Last with oily make-up remover make-up removal.
Caution: color from fabrics not be washed out.

The answers Choo
definitely enjoy with caution and not be limited to the textiles.
Intensive Lip Color: yes
Full day stop: theoretically, yes, more below
Oily Make-Up Remover: Unfortunately, yes, otherwise you're gonna get down not the color.

The color
Incredibly rich in color, a beautiful red that looks just great on the lips. In my opinion, a perfect shade of red.

Partial very difficult. Care has to be incredible, while you are on the application, because it may happen soon, that is vermalt. And if no tools at hand (make-up remover) can be pretty backfire. And one angry animal:) So always be careful, slow and apply very thin layers. And if you are vermalt, quickly, because it dries very quickly.

The waiting time
60 seconds says Manhattan. I say: Absolutely yes and absolutely. Otherwise it may be that the care takes the color in some parts of the lips, and believe me that is highly expurgated then again the horror. 've Already lived through the ... Looked nice no longer: (But while On the Wings of the service you have unfortunately not always have time for that 60 seconds ...

incredible durability, but one thing is very important: the care. Why? See next bold point:)
And: If one does not care makes on it regularly, then the color starts to crumble. I had this lip gloss for a 6 hour flight to the lips. Forget it. If you have no time, over and over again got close the care, to make it happen the other way. It's a nasty feeling to have all these chunks in the mouth ...
also sees the color then totally cracked and has holes everywhere on ...
I sometimes wonder whether it was really only because that I did not care on it so many times. A friend already has meant to me, that would crumble in her and also so that they do not like the product. Perhaps too much care so not good ...
And another thing: If the color too far in the "interior" of the lips plotting, he is like to have all the answers: (

The feeling on the lips
After you've applied the color, it dries very quickly . and dry with her lips without care could not you wear lip gloss that it dries your lips out terribly
And:. After a gestation period, I think it feels to no longer just great it is. a lipstick or lip gloss right or normal just do not compare.

Manhattan: For seductive gloss, extra care and soft suppleness. Apply as often as the gloss on the lip intense color.
Choo: The smells a little care ... funny. But yes, it gives a great shine and extra care, but as I said, without care, you could of lip gloss and totally forgotten.
any order? See two points above. I think you can speculate forever about it:)

For my part, a resounding no. After disintegration of the experience I will never again use this gloss.

What do you say to that? Do you have the product, too?


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